The Advanced five -Year-Old Kindergarten Curriculum is designed for students who have successfully completed four-year-old kindergarten program and who mature and academically capable. These students would be those who excelled in the reading groups in the four-year-old kindergarten class. The curriculum includes all of the material covered in the regular Five-Year-Old Kindergarten curriculum.The curriculum pace is faster and allows for additional progress in the areas of phonics and reading. The students begin reading in phonics after a brief review of the letters and their sounds. They also learn more special sounds and therefore are able to read several more books than in the regular kindergarten class. This extra reading increases their vocabulary. The students in this advanced class will usually be able to do better in creative writing because of their larger reading and writing vocabulary. The students need to complete only one five-year-old kindergarten program. Those students successfully should completing either the K5 or Advanced K5 program should be promoted directly into first grade.